Manual Release Packages

To release your translations manually, you need to manually create a release package from your local WordPress site ( Locale Managers have access to do that. Before you package and build your localized version of WordPress, you should make sure everything is ready. Check in all updated files into the current branch directory via SVNSVN […]

Automated Release Packages

A release packageRelease package A release package is a packaged version of WordPress. That is, a ZIP file consisting of WordPress in its entirety, along with PO and MO files for core, the PO and MO files of default themes and Akismet, and any custom changes a locale has. In the past, most locales built their release package […]

Releasing WordPress Packages

Once your translation of WordPress for your language is ready, it’s time to release it so that users can select it on install, from their user dashboards, or download it from your local site ( The community site where WordPress code is created and shared by the users. This is where you can download the […]