Hello team I would like to have i18n…

Hello team!

I would like to have i18n two of the fr_FR GTEs have SVN access: @fxbenard and @wolforg.

Thank you!

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Hello gals and fellas As you might now…

Hello gals and fellas!

As you might now, the WordCamp San Francisco is coming this week, and will be followed by the WordPress Community Summit next week, with talks on all kinds of subjects.

These subjects are peer-proposed here: http://2014.sf.wordcamp.org/forums/forum/community-summit-discussion-topics/

…and even if you are not coming, a few can interest you, for instance:

  • http://2014.sf.wordcamp.org/forums/topic/growing-the-european-community/
  • http://2014.sf.wordcamp.org/forums/topic/wordcamps-paying-for-speaker-travel/
  • http://2014.sf.wordcamp.org/forums/topic/restricting-speakingsponsorship-of-wordcamps/
  • http://2014.sf.wordcamp.org/forums/topic/keeping-wordcamp-organizers-motivated-after-setbacks/
  • http://2014.sf.wordcamp.org/forums/topic/how-to-improve-the-sharing-practices-among-wordcampmeetup-organizers/
  • http://2014.sf.wordcamp.org/forums/topic/rosetta-sites-and-local-communities/ (I just suggested this one today)

…and more! It’s all community, everywhere! 🙂

While I know many Polyglots will not be at the Summit, please take the time to give your opinion on the discussion thread so that your voice can be heard!
(yes, I know, the forum closes in a few hours, but I couldn’t do anything until know, what with having the 3-day Paris Web event to run at the end of last week)

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Now that 4.0 beta 1 is out is…

Now that 4.0 beta 1 is out, is there a chance to see it arrive in GlotPress?

  • Rename Development to 3.9 (since it’s at 100% for all languages, I’m guessing the 4.0 strings have not landed yet).
  • Have the 4.0 strings in the Development project.

Thanks a lot!


Version 3.9 fr FR shipped with a set…

Version 3.9-fr_FR shipped with a set a bad strings (slippery fingers, honest mistake, but still). I compiled a new archive with the corrected strings, but how can I make sure the translation files are getting pushed to users who have already upgraded to 3.9?


I am receiving reports that the fr FR…

I am receiving reports that the fr_FR translation is not being “pushed” correctly (the WP update itself goes fine).

Apparently, WordPress still displays the “Update now” message when in fact only the translation has to be updated.
I myself have seen translations not being updated on my sites in the past.

I am currently gathering information — I’m unsure if this is about 3.8.x or 3.9-RC2-fr_FR (which we released yesterday).

I’m having an issue with 3.8.2 In fr…

I’m having an issue with 3.8.2.

In fr_FR, we use HTML entities in order to have correct French typography, especially nbsp (non-breaking space).

For example, while in English numbers are written “1,234.56”, in French it should be “1 234,56” (with a nbsp). Hence, we translate “number_format_thousands_sep” into “ ”.

Problem is, it seems that since 3.8.2, thousands appear as “1&234” rather than “1 234”. I’ve received reports, and I could test in WPFR’s own blog: “Akismet a déjà protégé votre site de 299&115 commentaires indésirables.” or “8&922 éléments”.

Did anything change entities-wise in 3.8.2?

For those who care it seems the 3.9…

For those who care: it seems the 3.9.x string have finally landed on translate.wp.org, with the 3.8.x ones having moved to their own folder. Thanks, behind-the-scenes team!


Not many new strings as far as I can, so you know what to do 🙂


There is still not 3.8 project for WP…

There is still not 3.8 project for WP in GlotPress. When correcting a typo in 3.8.x, should I use 3.7 or Trunk?

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WordPress 3.8 Parker has been released http…

WordPress 3.8 “Parker” has been released! https://wordpress.org/news/2013/12/parker/

#3-8, #release

May I ask for renewed interest in Texturize…

May I ask for renewed interest in Texturize, which with 3.7 (and after 4 years, or even 6! Also here) is still not able to correctly close some specific quotes? Really, it’s not like correct typography is not the reason we are all here today? 🙂

I quickly talked to @nacin about this at WCEU, but maybe you guys from Polyglots can chime in on this. Here is my own test post (dated August 2009…) with many variations, updated today for better (hopefully) understanding. There might be more variations!

I added most of the tests from my post to the wptexturize() test suite at the time. Should I add more?

function send debug email is not i18n’d in…

function send_debug_email() is not i18n’d (in class-wp-upgrader.php, bottom method). Should’nt it be? It makes for mixed English-French update debug messages for certain users here…


3.6 won’t install when translated


We built WP36-RC2-fr_FR for community testing purpose using fr.wp.org, and it turns out it won’t get us to step 2 of the installation process. Blank screen.

It won’t work whether the strings come from our SVN repository (as usual) or from translate.wp.org (same strings, freshly imported).
Won’t even if we temporarily remove translation files.

It will install in fr_FR if we create wp-config.php with the proper install information (jumps to “Site name etc.” section of installer.

Anyone else having this experience.

#3-6, #installation

number_format() bug ?

Hello everyone,

I’d like to share an issue we are having with the fr_FR translation for WP 3.5.2.

Typographically, the separator for thousands in French is a non-breaking space : http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Espace_%28typographie%29 (or http://french.about.com/library/writing/bl-punctuation.htm).

Therefore, the FR translation uses ” “:

#. translators: $thousands_sep argument for http:php.net/number_format, default
#. is ,
#: wp-includes/locale.php:173
msgid "number_format_thousands_sep"
msgstr " "

The issue is that wsince version 3.5.2 and it accompagnying translation (at least — I have little access to my own computer equipment at the moment so cannot test further), WordPres only picks the ‘&’ — rendering with 1&000 when we’d like 1 000.

Reports from the French community seem to point to the a problem with the number_format() function’s multibyte support, which would be able to recognize ” ” properly with PHP 5.4, but not with PHP 5.3.

The issue can quickly be corrected in the translation itself (removing the non-breaking space for a simple space or even nothing at all so as to not have numbers everywhere), but it would be great to be typographically correct, and therefore assert if this is a bug or not. It seems it didn’t apply to 3.5.1 et al., but I cannot test for sure from where I am.

Has anyone seen this in other languages? Typically, the Dashboard stats would display numbers as 1&234 instead of 1234 or 1 234.

Nacin and other core devs hanging around, does a conflict between number_format() and PHP 5.3/5.4 seem plausible to you?

Thank you very much.


Hello there A question more for the GlotPress…

Hello there,

A question more for the GlotPress-inclined: I’m uploading my .po translations to translate.wp.org, but somehow, for the admin .po, some strings are still marked as “waiting” even though they are translated in the .po
Those strings were translated by users on t.w.o. Do I have to dismiss them first before I upload my translation?

Merci !

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I’m seeing two unknown names in the 3.4…

I’m seeing two unknown names in the 3.4 credits: along with the historical fr_FR translators (with their pictures), I’m seeing two other names — that are not even present in the fr.wp.org users. How come?

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