WordPress 3.8.3 was just released No new strings…

WordPress 3.8.3 was just released. No new strings and just fixes a single bug. Your revision # is 28121, but if you simply build it off the 3.8.3 tag you won’t need it.

3.7.3 was also released, but this is only provided to auto updates. There is no need to build a 3.7.3 zip unless you wanted it in your release archive. Same revision #.


WordPress 3.8.2 has been released It is a…

WordPress 3.8.2 has been released. It is a security release. There are no string changes.

WordPress 3.7.2 was also released, but it is only being used for auto-updates. Users are not presented with this package. There is no need to package this. It also had no string changes.

The tags exist so you don’t need the revision number, but it’s 27893.

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WordPress 3.9 update

As mentioned in @xibe‘s thread, all strings for WordPress 3.9 have now been vetted and are ready to be translated. There are about 250 new strings across the frontend, admin, and network admin. Most are short and simple, and come from one of two places: media and the TinyMCE editor.

Additionally, Akismet has been spun off from the main WordPress POT files. This will be included in your main package download. (You’ll be able to test this in a bit.) It looks like about 89 strings are new for Akismet 3.0.

Additionally, there will be an about page, and possibly some help updates. I’m going to see to it that those are done by April 1. We plan to release on or about April 16.

I don’t know when/if there will be a string freeze, but I don’t think it matters too much. Other than help/about, I don’t expect for there to be too many more strings added or changed — maybe 10-20 at most. Many teams have already completed everything so far. We’ll definitely have strings frozen by the weekend before our planned release. Again, everything has been vetted, so don’t expect much more churn — it is safe to get to work now.

As always, if you see a typo or other problem, please open a ticket. Or if you have an issue with a string, feel free to open a new thread here.

Happy translating!

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Heads up WordPress 3.9 Beta 1 will be…

Heads up: WordPress 3.9 Beta 1 will be announced in the next hour or so. You’ll see 3.9 on translate.wordpress.org (with all strings imported) within the next 12 hours or so, so you can get started. Thanks for your patience!

3.9 final is targeted for mid-April.

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Sorry for the late pile of strings from…

Sorry for the late pile of strings from the About page. We’re frozen. Expect a release in about 68-72 hours, on Thursday, December 12. Please file a ticket for any typos or issues.

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Does using an i as an icon…

Does using an “i” as an icon (for “information” ) get lost in translation?

As a visual indicator for a notice, I imagine it’s fine. In this case, it is an action. You see it when you hover over a theme on Appearance → Themes, and you click it to get more details for the theme.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.50.01 AM

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WordPress 3.7.1 was released Build it off the…

WordPress 3.7.1 was released. Build it off the 3.7.1 tag and you’ll be fine (and won’t need a version number — but it is 25924).

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We added four final strings to WordPress 3.7…

We added four final strings to WordPress 3.7. All of them are used to communicate update failures to users. So while they should never be used, when they are needed, it’s super important for them to be accurate.

Thanks for your understanding! At this point, we’re done with 3.7. Expect a release in the next 18-36 hours.

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Hello everyone Following up on my 3.7 strings…

Hello everyone! Following up on my 3.7 strings post — we are now in a 100% string freeze for WordPress 3.7. I’ve just pushed the final 55 strings for the release. The bulk of these are for A) the about page and B) email notifications for background updates.

I don’t expect for there to be any more string changes. Of course, if you catch a typo, let us know.

We’ll be releasing 3.7 RC1 in a few hours, and if all goes to plan, we’ll be releasing WordPress 3.7 before the middle of next week.

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Strings for WordPress 3.7 Hello all I want…

Strings for WordPress 3.7

Hello, all. I want to explain what was going on with 3.7. After we rearranged our code repositories for WordPress core, our tools that generate and import strings needed to be adjusted. At the time I also knew that a 3.6.1 security release was being prepared, so we moved the “Development” project to “3.6.x” to make sure all 3.6 and 3.6.1 releases went smoothly.

GlotPress is not yet good at “branching,” so after I move “3.6.x” back to “Development” and create an empty “3.6.x”, I have a script that handles exporting and importing all translations. Once that happens, I can then update the original strings in the “Development” branch to reflect 3.7. If I were to just create an empty “3.6.x” and let you do the export from “Development” and import into “3.6.x”, your exports will be incomplete because the originals changed, and that’s no fun, and it makes it much harder for you to release security releases.

(Note: This isn’t a complaint about GlotPress. I’ve had conversations with @markoheijnen about how a few adjustments can make GlotPress better for us, and I’m excited.)

I cited 3.7 repository changes as the catalyst, but we’ve actually done this shuffling previously. No one noticed until now because this release cycle is so short. But, I’ll argue that this “shuffle” is actually a good thing. Otherwise, what happens is a few strings change per week during early “alpha” development, and translators jump all over those. But in reality, those strings are still in flux, which means you’re just doing extra work because GlotPress presented you with a string that we might change in a few days. That’s no fun for anyone, and it makes me feel really bad, because your time is valuable. Waiting a few weeks before we start to populate strings into “Development” is actually ideal.

Okay, what about string freeze?

You may have also noticed that 3.7 was a very “low-level” release. It primarily focused on bug fixes, code improvements, and updates. There were no major user-facing features or UI changes, which also meant there were very few strings. there are only around 76 strings new in 3.7. I imported the new strings less than two hours ago, and then I went through each of them to confirm there were no typos or changes to make. The crazy thing is in two hours, two translators are already almost done! (Props @damst and @SteveAgl.) That just goes to show how easy and quick it will be to update your translations for WordPress 3.7.

It also showed how quickly new strings are translated. As I said, I want to make sure you feel your time is valued. So: let’s consider this point to be a “string freeze” with a qualifier. The 76 strings have been double-checked and are ready to go, and you should start translating them today. The qualifier: There will be some new strings that get added over the next week. First, we’re still polishing a few things. Second, there is also the about page, which I promise you’ll have a week to translate. We’re planning to launch 3.7 the week of October 14, so expect to hear more next week.

What about language packs?

The general concept of “language packs” are new in 3.7. But, a lot of the processes for how WordPress.org will be handling those is still not settled (more to come here). However, If you’re looking for something to do, may I suggest you make sure your translations for the WordPress importer plugins are up to date? Upon 3.7’s launch, any 100% translations for these plugins will be delivered to WordPress sites during updates. The same goes for bbPress, BuddyPress, and default themes, too.

While after reading this you may come to your own conclusion, I promise there was no conspiracy, negligence, or incompetence to keep you all from translating 3.7. 🙂

Finally: If you’re at WordCamp Europe this weekend, please come find me to chat! I want to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Happy translating!

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WordPress 3.6.1 has been released This is a…

WordPress 3.6.1 has been released. This is a security release and there are no string changes. Please push new releases ASAP, thanks.

Edit: Assuming you are building from translate.wordpress.org, please use revision 25318 and the “3.6 and 3.6.x” project. This is the version for core.svn.wordpress.org (not the revision you find on Trac, which is develop.svn.wordpress.org). I’ll try to make this much better in the near future, as yes, it is confusing.


Should we change one more string in 3.6…

Should we change one more string in 3.6?

https://core.trac.wordpress.org/changeset/24860 changed “Compare two revisions” to “Compare any two revisions”. However, the help text was not updated: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/attachment/ticket/24804/24804.19.diff. Can I get a quick consensus on whether it’s okay to have one final string to translate when you go to package 3.6?

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WordPress 3.6 is 100% string frozen There are…

WordPress 3.6 is 100% string frozen.

There are now 11 final strings waiting to be translated on https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp/3.6.x/admin. There will be no more string changes for 3.6. Thanks all of you for your patience, especially with the about page. You guys are awesome and we’ll be better with the next release.

We are currently targeting WordPress 3.6 final for tomorrow, July 31, no later than 1600 or 1700 GMT, give or take.

Some of you have noted that the credits page does not reflect all translators, only validators. It will by tomorrow.

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String freeze By now you have probably noticed…

String freeze. By now you have probably noticed that WordPress 3.6 RC1 was released a little more than a week ago. This usually corresponds to a string freeze, though there’s been a bit of a drip-drip of some more strings that needed to be translated.

At this point, please consider strings formally frozen. If there are any necessary changes, @markjaquith and I will beg for forgiveness.

Well, we’ll actually start begging for forgiveness in advance. The about page has not been updated for 3.6, and we will be pushing all of those strings in the next 24-36 hours. Once pushed, there will be no changes to them (previously, we’ve tinkered with them a bit); it too will be frozen. The about page is a good amount of strings, but since so many of you are so far along in translating WordPress 3.6 (many of you only have two dozen short strings to go), we’re really confident in your abilities — and, of course, appreciate your hard work in making WordPress available in your language.

Timeline: At this time, I would expect WordPress 3.6 to be released early next week.

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WordPress 3.5.2 has been released This is a…

WordPress 3.5.2 has been released. This is a security release and there are no string changes. Please push new releases asap, thanks.

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