First time in the opposite side of these…

First time in the opposite side of these requests. 🙂

I am the plugin author for Rename Media Files:

Please add the following translation editor:

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While waiting for today’s release I wanted to…

While waiting for today’s release, I wanted to remind you of two things:

  • There is one change in readme.html other than version number. See diff.
  • Since there is a big change in how the dashboard looks, you should probably update screenshots on your locale sites. You can do that by changing custom header.

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If I didn’t make a mistake today and…

If I didn’t make a mistake today and needed to do svn update, I probably wouldn’t notice (until after I make a release) that @vanillalounge made fatal mistakes related to Serbian dist files.

In [20648] and [20903] he obviously wanted to add support for some features we have over at Serbian locale to Montenegrin one, but he made changes to Serbian files that could have affected us.

I reverted those changes for Serbian but wanted to note that Montenegrin is still missing me_ME.php since it wasn’t copied as wp-config-sample.php was in [20649].

When you want to fork, you need to make a copy first, and then make changes to that copy, not to original.

Be careful in the future, @vanillalounge. 😉

#sr_rs, #svn

Fellow translators note that there are two small…

Fellow translators, note that there are two small changes in wp-admin/setup-config.php. Here is diff:


Tip for fellow translators screenshot of WordPress dashboard…

Tip for fellow translators: screenshot of WordPress dashboard on homepage of your locale site is probably outdated so you should update it to stay up to date 😉


Question for those who translated Freedoms screen…

Question for those who translated “Freedoms” screen: do you get error instead of a string starting with “Every plugin and theme in’s directory…”.

I want to be sure that error is caused by core and not by my translation before opening a ticket.


WordPress 3.1.3 is released Changelog tells that there…

WordPress 3.1.3 is released. Changelog tells that there are no string changes nor changes at dist files (except version in readme.html, of course).

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My comment maybe wasn’t noticed so I’ll repeat…

My comment maybe wasn’t noticed so I’ll repeat it again.

After fixes were made to pot-bot, generation of POT for TwentyEleven stopped working so please look at it.

Also package builder need an update to include TwentyEleven translations too, not just TwentyTen.


#glotpress, #svn, #twentyeleven

Please add me dimadin as a validator for…

Please add me, dimadin, as a validator for BuddyPress and bbPress projects for Serbian.

Thanks in advance.

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POT files weren’t updated since May 5th and…

POT files weren’t updated since May 5th, and it looks like GlotPress is affected too since there aren’t any new strings.

All projects are affected and it maybe has something with change for exclusion of TwentyEleven.

#glotpress, #svn

I have been asking this for seven months…

I have been asking this for seven months without success so I’m giving it another try.

There are strings in custom theme and/or plugin that aren’t in Rosetta POT file so they can’t be translated. I believe that reason for this is because they aren’t wrapped around gettext functions.

You can see them at following screenshots I made: links to topics’ view in header, on front page, and titles of those views; strings in topic’s sidebar; profile fields on registration and profile page; link for subscribing to new topics in tag.

Please fix this since we were patient for a long time.

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Please deploy translations of WP org bbPress theme…

Please deploy translations of bbPress theme and bbPress trunk on Serbian forums.

Thanks in advance.

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Now that 3.1 is released and that we…

Now that 3.1 is released, and that we are in 3.2 cycle, and over a month of #wptybee, where supposedly there were talks about it, it’s time to reopen topic on improvements to plugins/themes localization.

On my two and a half months old proposal, some core developers commented that we should instead use different approach, with some language packs, but we never got any detailed explanation how would those language packs work.

Core developers should now show to us their views on this, and I’m again opening it here instead of on chat or trac because I believe that since this involves WP core, GlotPress, and, we should first shape things before moving to codding.

Ticket #15977 should be considered as one that covers this on trac.

If we again prolong this, it won’t be finished this year, if ever.

#core, #glotpress

For those who still didn’t notice 3.1 was…

For those who still didn’t notice, 3.1 was released in the last hour, so head over to your locale site to release your version!

Serbian is already up for those wondering 😉

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There is a change in readme.html You can…

There is a change in readme.html You can see difference here: