On Codex i18n: an suggestion :)

Hello, I just thought that Translate extension can help on Codex i18n. This extension provide an Glotpress-like interface to translate stable docs. This page is an example, the top link Translate this page lead to the translation interface. Though languages must be added prior to users submit translations, just like the wiki concept there is no need to approve every translations by default, that is, the translation works like editing a wiki article.

Not sure if someone noticed but the KDE project and Translatewiki.net use this extension 🙂

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Hi again Zé I don’t know why some…

Hi again!

Zé I don’t know why some strings in pt-BR forum http://br.forums.wordpress.org aren’t translated 🙁


Strings are all ok e.g.:


Thanks for any clue

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Howdy Please deploy Support Forums for pt BR…

Please deploy Support Forums for pt_BR, updated some links and strings thoug can’t find support status plugin strings :S…

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The first screen when installig WordPress aren’t reached…

The first screen when installig WordPress aren’t reached by translation: http://img546.imageshack.us/img546/7360/24179209.png

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Why the BuddyPress projects never keeps past translation…

Why the BuddyPress projects never keeps past translation files, at last previous relesead versions? I just found out that the available files in GlotPress are for 1.6, while a lot of people are using 1.5.x.(that’s the version availabel in plugin directory as well). I used to keep the translation in my site but now that I’m running the br.buddypress seemed right to lead people to download files in Glot instead. Am I missing something?!

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Oi Zé could you deply br fóruns thanks…

Zé could you deply br.fóruns, thanks a lot!

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I was translating bbPress and then download the…

I was translating bbPress and then download the po mo, why the translation doesn’t match the available plugin pack? I had to update the po from pot in plugin pack but that has 733 strings, while the glotpress says 842 strings. Is there something wrong?

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In Menu creation panel I suggest Menu…

In Menu creation panel, I suggest “Menu Areas” instead of “Theme Locations”, quite more self-explanatory.

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Where are the string for Jetpack forms i…

Where are the string for Jetpack forms? i.e. http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/3115/0jp2.png


Where to go in order to post something…

Where to go in order to post something to br.buddypress.org? Tried br.buddypress.org/wp-login.php and no access granted, got the You attempted to access the “BuddyPress Brasil” dashboard, but you do not currently have privileges on this site…

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Oi Zé Could you please add me “Dianakc”…

Oi Zé,

Could you please add me “Dianakc” as an author at br.buddypress.org to create/edit posts?


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Hello there Zé could you please set me…

Hello there, Zé, could you please set me as validator in Polldaddy and Gravatar pt_BR (translate.wordpress.com), username: Dianakcury

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Happy New Year Folks Two things for today…

Happy New Year Folks!
Two things for today: remove/check an user called “Malluco” from credits and set a new shot for br.wordpress.org, that is quite old. The new one can be found here: http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/3359/shotptbr.png.
Obrigada Zé.

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Hello Zé at last for now could you…

Hello Zé, at last for now, could you set me validator in JetPack pt_BR? Thanks a lot username:arquivotk


Thanks But there are some links still pointing…

But…there are some links still pointing to the english doc 🙁 how to change that?! Link Documentação must point to https://codex.wordpress.org/pt-br:Página_Inicial and Welcome etc must point to https://codex.wordpress.org/pt-br:Bem-vindos_ao_Fórum_de_Suporte (This one are the most important, I think).