Country Statistics for Attendees on GWTD

Here are some country statistics for the signups on (based on 1149 attendees). A total of 105 countries are represented.

  • Argentina 12
  • Armenia 2
  • Australia 4
  • Austria 4
  • Azerbaijan 1
  • Bangladesh 6
  • Belarus 2
  • Belgium 4
  • Benin 2
  • Bolivia 2
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina 2
  • Brazil 96
  • Bulgaria 14
  • Cambodia 4
  • Cameroon 4
  • Canada 18
  • Chile 9
  • China 66
  • Colombia 17
  • Congo, Democratic Republic of the 1
  • Costa Rica 2
  • Croatia 3
  • Cuba 5
  • Czech Republic 6
  • Côte d’Ivoire 2
  • Denmark 5
  • Dominican Republic 2
  • Ecuador 4
  • Egypt 11
  • El Salvador 1
  • Estonia 1
  • Ethiopia 1
  • Finland 6
  • France 42
  • Georgia 5
  • Germany 37
  • Greece 21
  • Guatemala 6
  • Haiti 1
  • Honduras 1
  • Hong Kong 2
  • Hungary 3
  • India 51
  • Indonesia 27
  • Iran 25
  • Iraq 3
  • Israel 13
  • Italy 36
  • Japan 18
  • Jordan 3
  • Kazakhstan 5
  • Kenya 1
  • Kuwait 1
  • Kyrgyzstan 1
  • Latvia 1
  • Macedonia 2
  • Madagascar 1
  • Malawi 1
  • Malaysia 1
  • Mexico 19
  • Moldova 3
  • Mongolia 1
  • Morocco 12
  • Mozambique 1
  • Nepal 3
  • Netherlands 26
  • Nigeria 1
  • Norway 3
  • Oman 1
  • Pakistan 4
  • Palestine 4
  • Panama 1
  • Peru 10
  • Philippines 2
  • Poland 32
  • Portugal 12
  • Romania 13
  • Russia 27
  • Rwanda 1
  • Saudi Arabia 16
  • Serbia and Montenegro 7
  • Slovakia 6
  • Somalia 1
  • South Africa 1
  • South Korea 14
  • Spain 56
  • Sri Lanka 1
  • Sudan 1
  • Sweden 11
  • Switzerland 7
  • Syria 1
  • Taiwan 9
  • Tanzania 1
  • Thailand 16
  • Togo 1
  • Tunisia 4
  • Turkey 88
  • Ukraine 24
  • United Arab Emirates 3
  • United Kingdom 9
  • United States 20
  • Uruguay 2
  • Uzbekistan 5
  • Venezuela 11
  • Vietnam 17

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I can’t post new posts @ sv wordpress…

I can’t post new posts @ Getting “Send for review”

#rosetta, #sv_se

Several projects are in need of updates

To summarize a number of requests that have not received the love they deserve, all related to the creation of projects in GlotPress.

WordPress 3.8.x – The WordPress project needs a 3.8.x sub-project, should have been created when 3.8 was released, we’re @ 3.8.1 now.

bbPress 2.5.x – Three follow up versions has been released since 2.5 (3 months old). What does /trunk give us, 2.6 dev or 2.5.x?

BuddyPress 1.8.x, 1.9.x – The BuddyPress projects are desperately behind. We’re @ 1.9.1!

How are we to know what the trunk projects gives us when it’s such a disarray? All these projects has been requested multiple times by different people. Do we really have to nag every time new projects need to be created?

What happened to the discussed planning for polyglots? Are we going anywhere at all?

Ping @vanillalounge

#bbpress, #buddypress, #projects, #request, #wordpress

WordPress 3.8.1 Maintenance Release is here Use rev…

WordPress 3.8.1 Maintenance Release is here.

Use rev 26900 for your builds

#3-8-1, #release

Are the pot files properly updated this time…

Are the pot files properly updated this time around? I can see at least one changed string, but the pot files doesn’t seem to have been updated since mid december. Can we get an updated 3.8.x project?

#3-8-1, #request

Guessing there will be no string freeze at…

Guessing there will be no string freeze at all this time around?


Heads up all Trunk is upp to date…

Heads up all. Trunk is upp to date again.

#3-7, #project, #trunk

3.7 beta 1 released project pots

3.7 beta 1 released…project? pots?


Orginazed or not?

At times I don’t think things work to good here @ polyglots. Very much feels disorganized and poorly thought through, which then confuses us who translate and create local packages. Especially since we went from SVN to GlotPress.

Can we please have a new Development trunk…

Can we please have a new Development (trunk) project @ glotpress

When 3.6 was released someone renamed the current dev project to 3.6.x without creating any new dev project. If we are to move to GlotPress and phase out SVN, things has to work better.

I’ve pointed this out several times, but unfortunately nothing has changed. When we use SVN, we can, in a sense manage tags/branches ourselves, something we can’t do with GlotPress. We are instead dependent on someone taking care of the projects. When 20 days goes by with no response to your request you lose the will to even try.

I even tried to contact the core team via IRC, the third attempt nacin replied, quite vague:

I’ve seen the thread. There will be a 3.7 project once it makes sense.

Firstly, if a request is read, leave a message, I do not have Jedi mind powers. Secondly, when it makes sense to whom? Sorry, but It feels like everyone does as they themselves find fit at the time, not a good way to get things organized…

There are already new strings for 3.7. Some of us want to work at our own pace and not get all strings at once. Suppose also that a language team wants to review parts of the translations for the upcoming version without involving sub versions aka have access to a development version. Shouldn’t it be possible (just like core)? We should be able to have the ability to organize and plan within our team, without technical limitations. Right now GlotPress is such limitation, at least as long as you have to chase people to get answers to questions/requests that we should be able to ask right here.

This is exactly what I said would happen when discussions about GlotPress came up. GlotPress was and is not ready for this type of project. I think GlotPress can be really good and I will say nothing about evolution that occurs with GlotPress (some are doing a really good job with the updates of the software). GlotPress should be a plugin that the teams could operate ourselves on the local sites. It would solve a lot of problems, it would be ready when a local site is set up, and we would be able to manage all projects and users within the teams, in one place.

You may think I’m just ranting, let it be so. When it comes to projects and computers, I am extremely organized, sometimes maybe too organized (if you can be?).

Polyglots, the use of GlotPress and creation of packages need to be reviewed and organized!

#development, #glotpress, #polyglots

Can we please have a new Development trunk…

Can we please have a new Development (trunk) project @ glotpress

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Heads up translators About page strings 19 added…

Heads up translators. About page strings (19) added to admin file.

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What happend to string freeze

What happend to string freeze?

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When you edit the time format on the…

When you edit the time format on the settings screen, it may be difficult to see which format is which (at least for the non php date savvy), especially given that the current time is used to display the examples. If you change the format in the morning Swedish time it would look like this:

01:34 = [h:i]
1:34 = [g:i A]
01:34 = [H:i]

Perhaps we should add information to the different formats to clarify what’s what?

Something like:

01:34 = [h:i] (12h format)
1:34 = [g:i A] (12h format)
01:34 = [H:i] (24h format)

Your thoughts?

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Please do something about all the spam Really…

Please do something about all the spam! Really annoying when you subscribe…

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We are close to beta and still no…

We are close to beta and still no Twenty Thirteen project, time to put it up now!

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