Download links for the latest release in different locales?

The question surfaced at WPSE.

I tried some variations and the logic seemed to be

Portuguese Brazil:
Portuguese Portugal:

But I think I’m wrong in this assumption, as the Catalan subdomain also deploys the Canadian English version:

Last note: the main domain does not recognize a localized zip and answers with Release not found.

Is this documented somewhere? Or is each case treated separately?


Hi folks first time here nice to meet…

Hi folks, first time here, nice to meet you!

This post is for poly-developers:

Nowadays, it doesn’t bug me because I submit translations to plugin authors. But in the old days, I lost some translations due to some update.

I don’t know if this been discussed before by this community or if there are rules already established.

The case is that this looks like the definitive solution:

And I think the matter hasn’t been settled yet, as we have this as a proposed idea:

salut a tots!