REQUEST TO CREATE A LOCALELocale Locale = language version, often a combination of a language code and a region code, for instance es_MX denotes Spanish as it’s used in Mexico. A list of all locales supported by WordPress in “RUNYANKORE LANGUAGE”

I am Tumusiime Johnious ( I represent my company, 24 Tech Time (U) Ltd where I am Managing Director. Our company is located in Masaka, Uganda and our operations extend central and western Uganda although we provide some services online (

We have attended several WordCamps because we also use WordPress to develop all our websites and our clients’ websites. We picked interest in contributing to WordPress and thought joining the translation team is the best and easiest for us as a team because we are all locals of Uganda and our team is composed of Ugandans, all willing to participate in the translation to their respective local languages. Five of we the members (biggest number) are of Ankore origin (Banyankore / Runyankore speakers) while three are of Buganda (Baganda / Luganda speakers) and two are Teso.

We realised that WordPress does not currently have Runyankore language translators and thought we can concentrate on solving this specific problem. Because we are capable of translating WordPress from English to Runyankore, we request WordPress to allow us create this locale “Runyankore” and start right away to give our contribution.

Throughout the process, (if allowed), we hope to invite as many people as possible from all parts of Runyankore speakers to also contribute and to review our translations before we get them submitted. We also hope to invite contributors through social media to join WordPress and contribute towards this language to make sure it gets the best translation here on WordPress.

We are willing and therefore ready to do our best in collaboration with WordPress Communities allover Uganda especially in the Western and Central where Runyankore is most used and all people interested in translating to this language to make sure we get the best translations in the shortest time possible.

There is nothing bigger than this we can really give to WordPress for your big contribution towards our existence – the free software (open-source) and all the inspiration we get from WordCamps and the meetUps we join.

We hope you will give us a go-ahead plus guide us wherever necessary because we are all new in the system. However, we are closely working with WordPress Entebbe Community, WordPress Jinja Community and WordPress Masaka plus the national WordPress Community in Uganda and everyone is promising to keep available for us especially for technical issues… Hoping to get the feedback very soon.

Tumusiime Johnious