Polyglots Monthly Newsletter: January 2022

Happy new year and welcome to the January 2022 edition of the Polyglots monthly newsletter! It is a recap of news related to the WordPress Polyglots teamPolyglots Team Polyglots Team is a group of multilingual translators who work on translating plugins, themes, documentation, and front-facing marketing copy. https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/teams/.

If you have any feedback or suggestions for future editions, please share them in the polyglots channel in the Make WordPress Slack. Or join us for one of our weekly chats, at the times listed in the sidebarSidebar A sidebar in WordPress is referred to a widget-ready area used by WordPress themes to display information that is not a part of the main content. It is not always a vertical column on the side. It can be a horizontal rectangle below or above the content area, footer, header, or any where in the theme. of this site.

Have any translation or language-related goals for 2022? Let us know in the polyglots channel or at @TranslateWP on Twitter.

What’s inside this edition:

  • Preparing for the scheduled release of WordPress 5.9
  • GlotPressGlotPress GlotPress is the translation management software that powers Translate.WordPress.org. More information is available at glotpress.org. feedback functionality updates
  • Polyglots stats
  • Highlighting social media and localized news pages

📰 News from Make/Polyglots

Scheduled for release on January 25, WordPress 5.9 is just around the corner! Help make sure the latest WordPress release is available for your localeLocale Locale = language version, often a combination of a language code and a region code, for instance es_MX denotes Spanish as it’s used in Mexico. A list of all locales supported by WordPress in https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/teams/ by translating the WordPress 5.9 project on translate.wordpress.orgtranslate.wordpress.org The platform for contributing to the translation of WordPress core, themes and plugins..

Is your locale ready for the latest WordPress software release? Take a look at the translation status overview, as of January 11, 2022, or check the WordPress 5.9 project for your locale on translate.wordpress.org.

Exciting updates from the Polyglots team: 

  • If your WordPress coreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress. translation is already complete, the Twenty Twenty-Two theme, Block Patterns, and the Block Pattern Directory are all available for translating.
  • WordPress 5.9 will include a new language switcher on the login screen. This now enables users to view the login screen, password reset screen, and registration screen in their own language.
  • The most recent Polyglots Coffee Break happened on January 13, 2022. The next will be on February 10, 2022 at 22:00 UTC – come join and hang out!
  • The new translate.wordpress.org local development environment is now located within the WordPress organization on GitHub.
  • Polyglots team representative, @amieiro, shared screenshots of the proposed workflow for feedback functionality in GlotPress. This tool, currently being developed as a separate pluginPlugin A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and integrate seamlessly with WordPress. These can be free in the WordPress.org Plugin Directory https://wordpress.org/plugins/ or can be cost-based plugin from a third-party, will allow translators and translation reviewers to share feedback on suggested translations within GlotPress. Feedback is welcome as comments on the related post, and anyone can view the source code via the GlotPress organization on GitHub.

📈 Latest Stats

Via https://wp-info.org/polyglots-stats/ 

The latest statistics are from January 19, 2022. You can view the monthly difference in the number between the parentheses.

Releases205 (+/- 0) localesLocale Locale = language version, often a combination of a language code and a region code, for instance es_MX denotes Spanish as it’s used in Mexico. A list of all locales supported by WordPress in https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/teams/, 73 (+1) up to date, 0 (+/- 0) behind by minor versions. Congratulations to the #zh_HK locale!
TranslatorsThere are 718 (-5) General Translation Editors, 5,555 (-79) Project Translation Editors, and 57,080 (+402) translation contributors.
Site Language55.95% (+0.39%) of WordPress sites are running a translated WordPress site.

🌎 Locale News and Resources

There is a new release of WP Translation Filler (v1.6.3), a translate.wordpress.org extension that integrates machine translation and translation quality indicators. This extension is also currently in the process of applying to the Google Chrome store.

When WordPress 5.9 Release Candidate 3 was released, the Swedish team published a translated version of the WP Tavern article: Customizer Will Disappear for Some Block Theme Users With WordPress 5.9. This work was done by a new contributor, @jamieblomerus.

Did you know Polyglots don’t only translate the WordPress software, themes, and plugins? Depending on your locale, it’s also possible to help translate WordPress support documentation (also called HelpHub).

You can learn more about how to translate HelpHub and make it available on your locale’s WordPress.orgWordPress.org The community site where WordPress code is created and shared by the users. This is where you can download the source code for WordPress core, plugins and themes as well as the central location for community conversations and organization. https://wordpress.org/ site through the related help page or by asking your local community for more information.

Social Media and Locale Websites

Does your locale have a hashtag you regularly use and a news page on your site where you translate WordPress.org news stories? With the Marketing Team, these are being collected to help with future promotions and marketing for WordPress Translation Day events. Please share the details – including your locale, social channels, and hashtags – using this form

There are also a number of marketing opportunities in progress for locales. If you’re interested in more information, contact @webcommsat, @meher, or @oglekler in the marketing channel in the Make WordPress Slack.

This Be a WordPress Translator edition comes from Japan! Hear from @atachibana on why he is a Polyglot. You can find more Polyglots-related and WordPress Translation Day videos on the WordPress Marketing Team YouTube.

Akira Tachibana, contributor to the Japanese locale, shares why he translates (in Japanese).
Akira Tachibana, contributor to the Japanese locale, shares why he translates (in English).

🏆 Get Involved

Are you looking for more opportunities to contribute? If you’re translating or want to translate WordPress and any related projects into a specific language, here are some helpful resources.

If you need any help, ask in polyglots channel in the Make WordPress Slack at any time. We’re a global team, so there’s almost always someone online!

🎉 Many thanks to the following people who contributed to this month’s newsletter: @evarlese, @amieiro, @nao, @webcommsat, @yvettesonneveld, @oglekler, @dansoschin, @rmartinezduque, @tobifjellner, @nekojonez