WordPress 5.9 Translation Status (January 11, 2022)

If you received a notification about this post, the reason is (most probably) that you’re registered as a General Translation EditorGeneral Translation Editor A General Translation Editor (often referred to as GTE) is a person, who has global access to validate strings on all projects for a specific locale. for one or several WordPress localesLocale Locale = language version, often a combination of a language code and a region code, for instance es_MX denotes Spanish as it’s used in Mexico. A list of all locales supported by WordPress in https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/teams/. If you believe that to be in error, please reach out to the Polyglots Global Mentors’ team via a comment to this post or via the Make WordPress Slack.

WordPress 5.9 is planned to be released on January 25, 2022. Currently, it’s at Release Candidate 1, and soon to be RCRelease Candidate A beta version of software with the potential to be a final product, which is ready to release unless significant bugs emerge. 2. So let’s work together to make sure the complete translations arrive in time!

Please don’t forget to watch the polyglots channel on Make WordPress Slack for important updates, and ask any questions – your inquiry will help other translators too!

Ready for release (45 locales)

Congrats to these 27 teams for getting ready for the release! 🎉

it_IT, eo, de_DE, dsb, hsb, ja, gl_ES, en_CA, en_AU, en_ZA, zh_CN, nl_NL, nl_BE, nb_NO, nl_NL_formal, de_DE_formal, pt_BR, id_ID, pt_PT, el, en_NZ, kab, tr_TR, ar, es_AR, sl_SI, da_DK

And extra kudos to these 18 teams for translating everything to 100% ahead of time! 🥳

ro_RO, es_MX, es_CO, es_ES, cs_CZ, ru_RU, es_VE, sv_SE, en_GB, ca, pl_PL, fr_FR, lv, ko_KR, cy, es_EC, sq, zh_TW

/dev/ & /admin/ each needs ~10% more (30 locales)

You’re on the right path! To be ready for release, make sure /dev/ is at least 90% and /dev/admin/ is 75% translated! For more information, please check out this post.

Below is a list of locales, GTEs, and the number of remaining stringsString A string is a translatable part of the software. A translation consists of a multitude of localized strings. (in parentheses) to be ready for this release.

#fa_IR @dedidata @man4toman @saeedfard @sushyant @gonahkar (51)
#fi @arhipaiva @arkimedia @teemusuoranta @sippis @tlxo (51)
#kn @omshivaprakash @prasannasp (51)
#hr @yuraz @mirta @vipteam (51)
#sk_SK @lenarcic @kavoros @martinkrcho @savione @tostad @xkatka (51)
#vi @rilwis @htdat @nguyenvanduocit @khoipro @philiparthurmoore @tatthiennguyen @thup90 @tonybui-1 @khunglong @tucq @dinhtungdu (51)
#bg_BG @tyxla @nofearinc @nbachiyski @petya @silvinafurnadzhieva @kldn @vloo (51)
#es_PE @braulioaquino (51)
#ka_GE @dimitrigog @ttodua (51)
#fr_CA @cedricbethencourt @guimos @jfarsen @maximejobin @mialevesque @rhialto (51)
#skr @saraiki @shahidlaashary @shuaibkaisrani (51)
#pt_PT_ao90 @alvarogois @goblindegook @nbar @pedromendonca @vanillalounge (102)
#es_CR @caco26i @zoncho @elpuas @fonsotranslations @m00g @marbaque @remediosgraphic (102)
#es_DO @animerd (102)
#fa_AF @barnamah @khurasani (102)
#de_CH @aliyanage @pandulu @openstream @swissspidy @grapplerulrich (102)
#de_CH_informal @aliyanage @pandulu @openstream @swissspidy @grapplerulrich (102)
#bs_BA @kenan3008 (102)
#hu_HU @aguseo @babosgabor @balcsida @csurga @djzone @fgywp @wphuorg @vitaio @naoko01 @oaron @surbma @tojgli @zolikonta (154)
#he_IL @ramiy @yoavf (205)
#de_AT @pputzer (205)
#ckb @alan-hilal @govarweb @qezwan @rebeensarbast @sia-neriman @swaradesign (257)
#eu @musinho @elurnet @hey_neken @atxamart @ikusimakusi @asturiaga1946 @erralin @murgilduta @pablo-moratinos @sergixnet (359)
#th @imnok @9rt9rt @ibdz @dussarong @kazama @mennstudio (359)
#ur @mrahmadawais @hibashaikhpk @maedahbatool @farhandanish1 @sajidzaman @saqibameen (359)
#sr_RS @drmiletic @milana_cap @dimadin @lanche86 @ziontrooper (411)
#uk @romanbon @sergeykovalets (411)
#ast @chrismilleresp @dangerouspiper @enolp @ivarela @quiquead @terecapi (462)
#pt_AO @marcio-zebedeu (514)
#pa_IN @kuldeepsidhu88 @pikasingh (872)

Happy translating, and thank you to everyone who is making WordPress available in your language 🙌