Hi, I am a WordPress…

Hi, I am a WordPress user and also a translator and I am having extreme difficulties in using WordPress in SQ with the current translation.
I respect so much everyone’s work, but I need someone who has the desire and will to open their mind and approach SQ translation with a more realistic and down-to-earth approach.

I have an e-commerce website, I can not navigate unless I try hard to guess what the source in English is. I am suggesting changes based on the language used in other websites and I wish the editor for SQ to revise and take them into consideration.

I am not here to complain and I appreciate so much every single term translated into my language. I only wish to make WordPress understandable and usable in order for me to run my e-commerce smoothly without ruining my website.

I understand the style choices of the current translations, but the website has to be understandable to the user, not sound archaic (as the term “gjedhe” for the “template” – this is a beautiful term, but means nothing in tech).

It is important to use as a reference many other websites that have a high-quality translation in SQ, at least to adapt and use the same terms of navigation, etc.

I know when many people come together to translate a huge project, the translation can have flaws because of many merged styles and levels of understanding the language, but still, the website needs urgent cleanups, especially now that more businesses are using WordPress to run their e-commerce in our language (after the pandemic).

I am open to edit or become an editor if needed to fix what requires to be fixed or collaborate to create some kind of glossary or rules to follow, in order to improve the website.

Thanks and sorry for the long message!