Polyglots Training Working Group Update #2

As I mentioned in the weekly meeting, we made some progress in writing and reviewing the contents. I want to post another update to share our next steps.

Content Status

Draft Started37.50%
Draft completed20.83%
Reviewed & Published8.33%
Based on the status spreadsheet

We now have the following contents. Still looking for more eyes for review! Please feel free to make suggestions.

All of the contents can be found in this Google Drive folder.

Translation Best Practice Interviews

We now have answers from Russian, Japanese, and Dutch teams. Multiple answers from the same team are great, please add your answers to this doc.

Thanks @erica, @markscottrobson, @fierevere, and @psmits1567 for your contribution thus far 🎉

Next Step: Submitting the Learn WP Course Application

@erica and I wrote a draft of the Learn WordPress application to submit. To give feedback, please leave a comment or edit with “Suggestion” mode on this doc.

How to help

You can help by: