Proposal: Delete project’s language pack when below specific percentage

I introduced a proposal on Trac, and I’m bringing it here, so we can discuss it deeply.

Currently, a language pack is created when more than 95% of the project is translated. If new stringsString A string is a translatable part of the software. A translation consists of a multitude of localized strings. are created, the same pack is still available, but it is just updated when it reaches 95% again.

That makes some projects that are not actively being translated still having the language pack even if they have a small percentage of translated strings for the language.

I suggest that we delete automatically a language pack when they have a representation of less than 85% of strings translated. In this case, a project language pack will be generated when 95% is translated and would be available as long as it represents more than 85%.

If 85% happens to be a lot, we could also try a smaller representation. I’m not sure which exactly should be the representation, but I truly believe that we need a minimum percentage.

@knutsp has provided an amazing comparative:

Project A version 1.0 starts with 20 strings and soon gets 19 accepted translations. Some versions later it has 200 strings, but still only 19 translated (9.5%). Language pack remains.

Project B version 1.0 starts with 200 strings and gets 188 accepted translations. Some versions later the situation is the same (94%). No language pack.

Update (2020-04-03): Considering the feedback that we got here, I decided moving this proposal to new fragmented ones.