PTE Request for Leaflet Map

Hello Polyglots, I have suggested strings for this plugin and would like to become a PTE, can you please add me:

Name: Leaflet Map

If you have any questions, just comment here. Thank you!


I’m sorry, but I have to note: It has been a real pain getting to this point as someone who has previously not dealed with this portal. I tried to look at the translator handbook, but it was not helpful. Only when I found the article at, I understood how the translation process is supposed to work. Then I still had to find that I need to become an editor, as well where and how to do that. Many times the links which seemed to fit my concern led me in circles. It was more chance that I ultimately found the right address.

Let me be more specific: The page Theme & Plugin Directories does not say anything about becoming an editor as an interested translator, even though I was led there by “There are no editors for this specific project, yet. Become an editor.“ on the plugins translation page.

Secondly the german translation team’s page has a link on the bottom “Is this a language that you speak? Join the WordPress translation team for German!”. Now I click and get to some kind of overview site. So how am I supposed to join the team there?

On a positive note: The tool to do the actual translation was pretty nice to use.