WordPress Translation Day 4 Meeting Notes (March 26, 2019)

Attendance: @nao, @zetaraffix, @xkon, @ugyen, @ronakganatra, @bhargavmehta, @tobifjellner, @pedromendonca, @fitehal, @kartiks16, @gounder, @rohit, @knutsp, @nandez, @kafleg, @afsana

This was the eith weekly meeting for WordPress Translation Day 4 (Saturday, May 11, 2019). Here’s the meeting archive link.

Team Updates


  • @zetaraffix said they are working on defining scheduling and preparing tasks and assets for social media
  • Translation help welcome for social media messaging (see this spreadsheet)
  • Focus now will be on pushing Calls and spreading the word


  • @xkon pushed the Blog / Blog page fixes live with @zetaraffix in the weekend
  • @audrasjb will be coordinating with @zetaraffix on the maps
  • @xkon will continue working on the overall page and media, speakers, etc.
  • If anyone sees issues or points for improvement, they’re encouraged to ping @xkon in #polyglots-events or directly talk to him
  • @afsana asked: Can one city host multiple events without causing conflict on the site?
    • Answer: Yes. But submit the local event form for each event to be properly listed on the site.
    • Use of Meetup.com or its WPTD template is both optional
    • Online events can be submitted as well
    • Read/translate the blog post for event organizers


  • @gounder said they received a couple of speaker applications and hoping for a few more through some reach out, but are still far from our target.
  • Need help with Promoting Speaker Call. If anyone has a speaker suggestion, they’d be happy to contact them
  • Last day for Speaker Calls is 7th April (early submission is helpful!)
  • Idea: look at WordPress.tv archives and WordCamp/meetup schedules related to i18n, translation, localization


  • @jordicuevas, @fitehal, @kartiks16 have laid a ground so others can help them with outreach
  • Gathered all meetup chapter names + URLs and getting started with contacting them
  • Will use local Slack channels for reaching out
  • Tips for contacting all organizers: Go to the Photos tab on Meetup.com chapter page and use “Contact” link on the left sidebar


  • Trello board – It’s not mandatory to subscribe to it. You can turn the notification off if you’d like (Click your avatar on the right top > Settings > Notifications)
  • Please contact @nao if teams need more hands or volunteers want to help out more – she will coordinate to close the gap.
  • Next meeting time is Tuesday, April 2, 2019, 1:00 PM GMT in #polyglots-events.

#gwtd, #gwtd4, #wptranslationday