HelpHub Localisation Plan Meeting Notes


Docs Team: @kenshino, @atachibana, @milana_cap, @cristianozanca
Polyglots Team: @nao (note taker), Matteo S.
Meta Team: @sergeybiryukov
Community Team: @_dorsvenabili
MultilingualPress: @nullbyte, @dinamiko

Community Team: Handbook Translation

  • The Spanish team has been manually translating it and put it on their Rosetta site
  • @_dorsvenabili said the community team was looking into focusing on handbook i18n dev in the near feature

General Discussion

We agreed on identifying common key requirements so that a general solution can be created for both the Community and Docs team’s handbooks

In short, after a lengthy discussion, we realized that the key requirement was really to have a place that local teams could write into the Rosetta site. Everything else could be decided on and improved upon later.

We therefore discussed various technical possibilities.

GlotPress vs Custom Post Type (CPT)


  • Pros
    • A large number of translation contributors are already familiar with it
    • Translation review (validation) flow and role system is established
    • Glossaries & fuzzy detection work well
  • Cons
    • Need to somehow push WordPress content into files (possibly)
    • The text in the source file needs to be wrapped around l10n functions
    • Not really meant for long-form text
    • Does not allow for new content to be created (relies on a base English version)


  • Pros
    • Relatively easy to build an MVP then test & extend
    • MultilingualPress (if used) can offer ways to connect sites, send notifications, and add hooks
    • Since it’s WP based, should be easy for translators to learn
    • Allows local teams to create new localized contents rather than translated docs
  • Cons
    • No detailed (e.g. per paragraph) validation flow like GlotPress
    • Additional roles may have to be defined
    • Users need to be added to Rosetta sites, possibly causing a bottleneck/gatekeeper situation

MVP for the CPT solution

Write up the necessary custom post types on one Rosetta site so that the locale team can create a copy of English pages and translate (see details on this post under “Phase 1”).

Future Requirements

  • Notification for original text changes
  • Diff between the original and the starting point of the translation
  • Ways to distinguish obsolete contents
  • A content approval workflow to ensure the correctness of content
  • And more to be discussed

#handbook, #helphub