#GWTD4 Planning Meeting – 19 Feb 2019

13:00 UTC – Polygots-events Slack channel

Meeting Attendance

@nao, @webcommsat, @jordicueuas, @tobifjellner, @Stefano76, @zetaraffix, @audrasjb, @ibdz, @xkon. @casiepa (asynchronous).
Notes taken by @abhanonstopnewsuk

Discussion on Local team’s role

  • One of our main goals for GWTD is to get more people involved in translating. But just posting call for meetup organizers isn’t usually enough.
  • Outreach team can help by talking to more locale teams and inviting them to organize local events, prepare for the meetup, and mentor new or inexperienced GTEs
  • @jordicuevas, Local Team Lead, to arrange to contact GTEs and meet with the team
  • @jordicuevas requested to identify regions and teams that can use some helping hands and assign team members to reach out to them directly (@nao)
  • Marketing/ Communications – Discussion on finding to capture data from this research and to identify the GTEs who needed operational and marketing information, and for this to be done in a good data handling manner. This could also be used for enabling them to offer marketing ideas, advise of their promotions and provide quotes or short videos for the wider publicity.
  • Register of interest form – discussed for translators to be able to register for information about the event and partipating
  • Call for organizers – on the P2 and through other identified channel (further discussion to be arranged between local and communications teams)



  • Register of interest form to be updated including data handling and permissions statement, year, etc
  • privacy page to be created
  • call for organizers
  • Website

Community-events MeetUp Newsletter

  • Request to be sent to include GWTD4 date and deadline for future issues before the event

Storage of files and for future events

  • Discussion of where could store paperwork in draft, visual assets to be of more use to the existing planning, GWTD4 and future events.
  • Discussion on whether there was a shared MakeWordPress area, if the MakeWordPress website had a system of collating form information easily in the same way as WordCamps websites for processing requests for RSS feeds or volunteer submissions.
  • Post meeting, @casiepa shared a link to a Google shared folder for the current team.
  • A trello board has been created in draft by @abhanonstopnewsuk which captured communications and marketing elements emerging. Contact her to be added to the board with your Trello ID and email address it is inked.
  • @audrasjb started a base architecture for the website. Will add a card to the Trello board with a link to the google doc. Has a few question about the Github repository access and also about the siteground server access to. Base architecture is at a design-free stage. @casiepa to look at what information SiteGround paperwork he has. The site is a flat, html site at the moment
  • Sub groups can create tools which assist them as long as they are linked, where appropriate, from the main organization channels.

Next meeting: Tuesday 26 February 2019, 13:00 UTC

#gwtd, #gwtd4