BulkRejectGP is a tool that…

BulkRejectGP is a tool that exist since 2016 https://make.wordpress.org/polyglots/2016/07/05/bulkrejectgp-reject-terms-automatically/

After years is getting 2 new features thanks to @allegretta92!

For who doesn’t know it is a tool that use Firefox to automatize the rejection of wrong terms to all the plugins and themes in the language you choose (and you need Global PTE powers) on translate.wordpress.org. In the Italian community we used it to remove all the wrong localization in an easy way.

The new features:

  • Massive bulk rejection
  • Replace localization

I did a talk the last weekend at Fosdem at Mozilla devroom about how to use FIrefox for this kind of things and this project is mentioned https://fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event/firefox_is_your_marionette/

What is the future?

Probably migrate from Marionette to use geckodriver with Selenium because this tool will be deprecated for the end of the year.
In GlotPress right now we are not evaluating anything like that from Rest API or cli commands because we are busy with other things so this seems the only way to still achieve that result.

For any other question I am here 🙂