Locale-specific slack rooms.

Currently, different localization teams organize themselves in many ways: mailing lists, forums, P2, Facebook groups and even “own” slack workspaces.

It seems most teams are moving towards a tool that combines real-time conversations and long-term searchability. And Slack could be that tool for localization teams, the same way it’s already doing it for other teams WordPress (design, accessibility, meta, polyglots, marketing,…).

Having specific channels for specific polyglots/localization teams has been requested in the past (see https://wordpress.slack.com/archives/C02QHM0P8/p1420651944000505), but has never been implemented. And the alternative of creating their own Slack workspace seems far from optimal to me: people need to follow a new register process (with, potentially, different usernames), history gets lost after 10k messages, etc.

By having new slack rooms (only created on demand by GTE/Locale managers), we could allow different teams (like for example polyglots-ca, polyglots-es or polyglots-en_CA) to have a WordPress-support channel of communication.

Also, as a side effect, this would also simplify reaching GTEs and PTEs (single point of contact for everyone, same user across all systems).

Of course, this would only apply for locales that need Slack and don’t want to pay the overhead of managing/moderating a new slack instance. I’m assuming, medium-small polyglot teams would be the most benefited by this option being available.

Is there any interest from the polyglots community on pursuing this?