WordPress 5.0, Gutenberg, and Twenty Nineteen

Today, the first beta of WordPress 5.0 was released. That means it’s time to start our processes to get the next major version of WordPress translated. Its release is planned for November, 19th, with string freezes on October, 30th and November, 12th.

Strings for WordPress 5.0 are now in the wp/dev projects:

WordPress 5.0 will also include the new block editor, code-named “Gutenberg”.

Gutenberg was previously translated in a plugin project. Now that the editor is part of core strings are also added to the wp/dev projects.
Do you have to translate them again? No. A script copies strings with status “current” from the plugin project to the WordPress projects if there’s no translation with status “current” yet. It’s run manually so don’t expect them to be immediately be copied.

Note: Due to missing parts in core and on meta side, the JavaScript strings are not yet translatable in the WordPress projects.

There’s also a new default theme developed, Twenty Nineteen.

Twenty Nineteen can be translated as well! You’ll find the strings in the Twenty Nineteen project on translate.wordpress.org.
The project has been pre-filled with translations from Twenty Seventeen.

Happy translating! 🎉