cross-locale-pte Hi Polyglots, I manage…

#cross-locale-pte Hi Polyglots, I manage translations for Userlike ( We work with a few experienced permanent in-house translators and two trusted freelance translators on Upwork (G. Faraone and L. Maciel on that platform) to support the locales es_ES, fr_FR, it_IT, nl_NL and pt_BR. I am in close contact with our translators and routinely provide them with the necessary style guides and glossaries for any project, in this case the respective style guides and glossaries compiled by the WordPress community. I myself am translator for de_DE.

Other .org community volunteers are welcome to review our translator’s input and
suggest translations of their own, anything that improves the translation will of course be approved.

The author role for our plugin is held by another account (@userlike), but we’d still like for me to be able to manage and approve translations across all above-mentioned locales with a cross-locale PTE status. Is there any way we can add me as a second author of the plugin via role settings? We couldn’t find any such option.

Our goal is to keep the @userlike account separate from mine, so we can always retrace any edits and keep things organized.


Since this request is for a user that will be asking for #cl-pte status for the first time, we want to collect comments regarding translation quality from the following locales: