GlotDict 1.4 – The new hope

Just to stay in the Star Wars mood of the previous release, yes there is a new hope!

For the release of GlotDict 1.4 I chose a different approach. As you probably saw the 1.3 release got 25 different tickets only for bugfixing and a few little features.

This release saw more than 9 months for a new major because I didn’t receive many new ideas for features while at the same time I was contributing less to polyglots and working more on code.

Welcome to Garrett and JB to the GlotDict team!

I was initially feeling alone but with a lot of community members opening feature requests and reporting bugs or submitting pull requests I saw hope!

Today #GlotDict has 346 users from all around the world so I figured why not open the team up to people from all around the world with permissions on the GitHub repo?

I asked both @garrett-eclipse (from Canada) and @audrasjb (from France) if they were interested since they were the most active contributors and they agreed so in less than 15 days we got GlotDict 1.4!

Our changelog is very simple with a lot of new features made mainly by the new maintainers:

  • Feature: New Ctrl+Alt+D hotkey to dismiss warnings
  • Feature: New bulk action to Copy from original
  • Feature: New validator for non typographic quotes
  • Feature: Width of the view is 85%
  • Feature: Count words section
  • Enhancement: Add bulk footer only when is missing
  • Enhancement: Removed alert for a GlotPress notice
  • Enhancement: Rewritten part of GlotDict actions to use GlotPress JS API

They improved the code quality and also implemented new features, like the String Counts:


We also implemented the ‘Copy from original’ as a bulk action:


And we have a new validator for non typographic quotes.
There is also a new wiki with only one page for now, that explains how to test the extension locally

The empire strikes back

Or basically what is the plan for 1.5-1.6-1.7 release of GlotDict?

We already opened a few tickets about new ideas to develop for the next releases and are looking for new feature requests.
Check Github for them ->