Too many emails that don’t concern most GTEs

With the translation community growing, by subscribing to polyglots p2 we, the GTEs, are getting more & more emails that don’t apply to our language. Currently I’m getting about 10 emails a day, with only 1 out of 20 concerning my language. I’m sure others also get irrelevant messages.

Though, subscription is needed to get important emails targeted to all GTEs (not having the locale hashtag).

This is becoming more and more of an issue, taking up time of all 1000 subscribers to go through emails that don’t concern them. Every day. It’s discouraging and time is being wasted (which could be put into translation). Furthermore, it’s unscalable.

I feel like editor requests need to be taken out of p2 to a separate system. Or a simple JavaScript code that requires that a post has either an announcement or locale hashtag, but then the subscription box is not needed any more and we all only get notifications by hashtags (which would require some coding to add announcements and locale hashtags for all GTEs).

Hopefully we can find a better solution to make our lives easier 🙂

Ping @petya @ocean90