WCEU (WordCamp Europe 2018) contributor day mentors and projects

Hello everyone,

WordCamp Europe 2018 will happen in Belgrade, Serbia in June. Traditionally WCEU is one place where a lot of polyglots team members gather together which gives us the opportunity to work on global team topics and projects and make decisions about pressing issues.

We also have a lot of brand new contributors joining who need onboarding about the way the Polyglots team works.

To make contributor day as productive as we can for the team, here’s what we need:

  1. Assign contributor day mentors for brand new contributors who will
    • Do an introduction to the team, our processes, and tools – a presentation of how translate.wordpress.org works and a short intro to our team structure. Here’s an example of that presentation, @glueckpress could we also have your slides?
    • Help new contributors create WordPress.org accounts, get on Slack and get on translate.wordpress.org
  2. Assign contributor day mentors for the experienced contributors and define important projects/topics to tackle. You can be a team mentor during contributor day if:
    • You are a General Translation Editor or Project Translation editor with some experience
    • You are interested in working on global Polyglots issues like improving documentation and process, helping get more GTEs and PTEs onboarded

Traditionally WCEU is also a great place to get more Polyglots global team mentors onboarded, so if you’re interested in joining the global team, I would be happy to talk to you about the role and how you can help.

If you will be on the ground during contributor day and you’d like to volunteer to help out other contributors, please raise your hand in the comments and let us know.

If you have an important topic you think needs to be discussed or a project that needs to be started/completed, please share that in a comment as well.

Thank you all in advance!