New Theme Ready for Translations!

As a first step in the effort to bring the homepage to Rosetta sites, we built a new theme to take advantage of the modularity of the base theme and make it easier to later add the enhancements mentioned in #2861-meta.

We tried to lighten the load for translators by importing existing translations from the current rosetta and plugin directory theme, which covered 50% of strings for the more active locales. The project is available at:

We also decided to keep the design as close to the existing Rosetta theme as possible for now. So while you’ll see some changes—primarily in font size and margins—the overall look and feel should not be too far off. The goal was not to revolutionize the way international sites look, but rather to bring the design closer to parity with the root site.

Newly created locale sites will automatically use the new theme. Once the theme is translated to 100% for an existing locale, it will be activated for its Rosetta site. If you do encounter bugs or unforeseen behavior, please leave a comment on #2861-meta.

Thanks to @ocean90 for raising the issue and for his continued feedback on this effort.