Hi, I am the plugin…

Hi, I am the plugin author of GeoDirectory
Please assign me as a PTE ( Project Translation Editor) for my plugin.
Below are my username and locale

el @stiofansisland
hu @stiofansisland
de @stiofansisland
sk @stiofansisland
ar @stiofansisland
es-mx @stiofansisland
fr @stiofansisland
ro @stiofansisland
pt-br @stiofansisland
nl @stiofansisland
pt @stiofansisland
sv @stiofansisland
it @stiofansisland
lv @stiofansisland
es @stiofansisland
tl @stiofansisland
lt @stiofansisland
tr @stiofansisland
sq @stiofansisland
th @stiofansisland
sl @stiofansisland
pl @stiofansisland
cs @stiofansisland
zh-hk @stiofansisland
zh @stiofansisland
fi @stiofansisland
bg @stiofansisland
ru @stiofansisland
hr @stiofansisland
ca @stiofansisland
mn @stiofansisland
he @stiofansisland
sr @stiofansisland
cy @stiofansisland