Agenda weekly Polyglots chat Aug 9, 2017

Agenda Polyglots chats Aug 9, 2017

Here’s an agenda for the chats this week.

  • Weekly locale stats
  • There have been small changes to several of the core/meta projects lately. A convenient way to check if you need to catch up on a few strings for WordPress core, Browse Happy, Plugin and Theme directory, etc. is to visit
  • Remember to regularly check if you’ve got any pending editor requests. As always, you can find them here (replace YOUR_LOCALE with your locale slug):
    Also remember to enable notifications for mentions of your locale on
  • Global WordPress Translation Day 3
  • Open discussion

Chat times:

Global WordPress Translation Day – Chat times:

See you there!

#weekly-meeting-agenda, #weekly-meetings, #gwtd

#gwtd, #weekly-meeting-agenda, #weekly-meetings