Notes from the WP Translation Day Chat on July 19

Below you can find a recap of the GWTD3 (Global WordPress Translation Day) meeting.


  • Global/Schedule
    • Defines goals for the event (GWTD1 : onboard translators and expand the team, GWTD2 : increase PTE and bridge between plugin authors and translators)
    • Review the outcome of community summit and contributor day goals as starting point to help with setting the schedule
    • Other proposals:
      • Streamline onboarding experience for new translators and PTE
      • Reduce the translation waiting list
      • Give the team a stronger presence
  • Website
    • First meeting was held and design started
    • The previous GWTD1 and GWTD2 websites will be archived so they can still be accessed later
  • Comms
    • An announcement post on make/polyglots is being drafted
    • Call for speakers poll needs review, check google docs or on the website. Should stay open until 1-Sept.
    • A handbook page for onboarding local events is being prepared
    • The TranslateWP Twitter account is now accessible by Comms
    • @petya will support comms for the content plan
  • Design
  • Livestream/speakers
    • Some speakers should be invited
    • The crowdcast account has been received

Next meeting

  • Wed 26 July, 09:00 UTC on the global (so just before the 2nd polyglots meeting)

Action items – New

  • @tobifjellner Collect all links to summaries and other useful information of the previous events. Add them in the handbook or on the site
  • @casiepa reachout to organizer that have a meetup on a different date (@casiepa)

Action items – Open from last week

  • @nao to find out about the ‘local mentors’
  • @casiepa to link with ‘Processing’ for live data during the event


#gwtd, #polyglots