Notes from the WP Translation Day Chat on July 12

Below you can find a recap of the first GWTD3 (Global WordPress Translation Day) meeting.


  • Date: Agreed for Sat 30-Sept-2017
  • 24 hours from 00:00 to 23:59 +1 min UTC
  • 30-Sept is International Translation day and this year it’s on a Saturday too
  • Proposal for next years is to have GWTD the first Saturday on or after 30-Sept
  • 2.5 months should be sufficient to make it all happen

Teams and roles

  • Everyone is invited to help in any team where you think you fit in. The more hands, the less work! The spreadsheet is still here.
  • Team ‘leads’ are @zetaraffix for design, @coachbirgit for comms, @nao for outreach, @tobifjellner for website and @casiepa as overall GWTD lead and livestream

Next meeting

  • Wed 19 July, 09:00 UTC on the global (so just before the 2nd polyglots meeting)

Extra items

  • Refrain from using abbreviation when making public statements, use WordPress Translation Day or WP Translation Day.

Action Items

  • @nao to find out about the ‘local mentors’
  • @casiepa to link with ‘Processing’ for live data during the event
  • @casiepa to check if the meetings can be held on