Notes from the Polyglots Chats on June 21

Locale Stats

Releases: 169 (±0) locale, 54 (+4) up to date, 0 (±0) behind by minor versions, 41 (-4) behind by one major version, 14 (±0) behind more than one major version, 51 (±0) have site but never released, 9 (±0) have no site.
Translations: 169 (±0) total, 36 (-16) at 100%, 36 (+16) over 95%, 2 (±0) over 90%, 29 (±0) over 50%, 58 (±0) below 50%, 105 (±0) have a language pack generated, 8 (±0) have no project.

Requests: There are 49 unresolved editor requests out of 848 (+19) total and 8 unresolved locale requests out of 54 (+2) total.

Translators: There are 505 (+2) GTE, 1 640 (+30) PTE and 14 010 (+133) translation contributors.
(A account could have multiple roles over different locale)

Site language: 49,847% (+0,061%) of WordPress sites are running a translated WordPress site.

=> Some extra strings were added/changed just before taken the stats, so not all locales are yet back at 100%

Polyglots team

WordCamp Europe

  • Videos start arriving at

Community Summit & Contributor Day outcome

  • Notes from all polyglots discussions are being finalized
  • New handbook pages will be created based on decisions taken during the summit
  • Cross-local PTE project will get live in the next couple of weeks
  • GWTD3 has a lead: @casiepa
  • @yoavf has worked on some amazing new features for translators on .com and we will be scheduling a meeting with him and @ocean90 to discuss what we can bring to .org


  • Finding leads for all areas is the next step
  • Then defining/confirming the date
  • No changes on the overall concept: 24h, spanning the whole world and talks

PTE onboarding

  • @coachbirgit opened the debate on how to handle PTE requests and add to the handbook
  • @nao @tobifjellner @wolly shared their documentation. Some existing docs: ja de it
  • @zetaraffix offered help for the design part. @sheilagomes already has some infographics. @tobifjellner proposed 2 entry points: 1. Aimed at developers 2. Aimed at users who want to contribute
  • A form on the dev side might be a good option/replacement for the current make/polyglots, but agreement with other teams are needed for that
  • proposal is to start with 2 simple docs: 1 for devs and 1 for PTEs/translators
  • Hashtag: PTEonboarding

GTE on slack

  • Not all GTE seem to be on slack
  • Proposal to add it into the onboarding of GTEs


Starting point of the meeting on slack: