Hello Polyglots, I am the…

Hello Polyglots,

I am the plugin author for ShrinkTheWeb (STW) Website Previews Plugin and WordPress Portfolio Plugin (WP Portfolio). I paid for expert translations and previously requested editor status to approve the imported translations (since OneHourTranslation translators will not translate directly using Polyglots), but it seems that only one language is allowed at-a-time??

I imported Russian, French, and German, for now, and requested to be editor for all three here. However, I was granted only Russian. Now, I have gone many pages deep into this request area and cannot find my original request, so making a new one. 😉

If only one language is allowed at-a-time, please approve French and I’ll come back for German. Otherwise, please approve all three.

If you have any questions, just comment here. Thank you!


p.s. I just changed my email on file to match the wordpress.com email, just in case it has anything to do with why I’m being blocked or ignored on here.