GlotDict 1.3.1 – The revenge…

GlotDict 1.3.1 – The revenge of GlotPress

I was looking for a good title and why not cite Star Wars?
I have to say thank you to all the people (at WordCamp Europe) that come to say Hi to me for my little projects that reach 341 download between Firefox and Chrome. I got so many appreciation for my project that I can say only thank you for the support.

So I had the chance to chat with with other Polyglots and I discovered that now GlotPress support the core feature of GlotDict: the locale glossary support.
So GlotDict was useless because replace all the tooltips added by GP also of Project glossary that GlotDict doesn’t never supported.

For that reason I chosen to change GlotDict in a playground for GlotPress with “experimental” features to migrate on GlotPress itself.

So I released GlotDict 1.3.1 on Chrome and Firefox that is more lightweight (less code after all) and improved with the Discard system for warning (like about final dots) and added a new about empty translations. I want to remember that GlotDict as a settings panel for this warnings also for remember all the hotkeys 🙂

In any case I migrated the feature that I added on GlotDict for the terms like the right click to copy automatically or the consistency link to the terms added by GP to keep the feature (that is always very helpful).

So why continue to use GlotDict? For the rest of features and speed up of implementing features or create new warnings that I think are very important to improve the quality.

So again thank you to all the users of the extensions that supported me with opening many tickets and contacing me on Slack in the last year with 37 release of GD!

My idea is now to start contributing on GlotPress or Meta (because contribute on core is very boring because of the long of reviewing patches).

So again thank you to all the users, GD started as a project to learn how to do extensions for browser became a satisfaction project with happy users and improved at the same time WordPress and the community of polyglots that in the last year grew a lot!

PS: I had a talk at WordCamp Europe (not yet published on during the contributor day about Why your community needs a glossary, the slides are: