Notes from the Polyglots chats on March 29th

Locale stats

Releases: 169 (±0) locale, 67 (+2) up to date, 28 (-2) behind by minor versions, 0 (±0) behind by one major version, 14 (±0) behind more than one major version, 51 (±0) have site but never released, 9 (±0) have no site.
Translations: 169 (±0) total, 66 (+1) at 100%, 4 (-1) over 95%, 5 (±0) over 90%, 27 (±0) over 50%, 59 (±0) below 50%, 105 (±0) have a language pack generated, 8 (±0) have no project.

Requests: There are 38 unresolved editor requests out of 689 (+7) total and 5 unresolved locale requests out of 45 (-1) total.

Rosetta outreach – collaboration with the community team

The Rosetta outreach aims to get more local content on local sites. Read about it here if you’ve missed this before.

At WordCamp London contributor day Petya discussed with the community team the idea of WordCamp organisers getting author/editor access to the Rosetta site for their location so that they can post event announcements and developments there as well as on their wordcamp sites.

Next steps:

  • Petya to post about this on the Community team P2
  • The community team to include instructions about this in WordCamp organisers documentation
  • Both teams to come up with a process of easily adding organisers as editors to local sites

WCEU contributor day projects – brainstorming

  • Please add a comment to this post if you are attending Contributor day this year:
  • Projects brainstorming – ideas
    • Polyglots Mentorship Program for new contributors
    • GlotPress improvements – research, ideas, etc
    • Rosetta site design and layout ideas to help highlight local content
    • Global WordPress Translation Day 3 – planning and assembling a team
    • Crowdfunding for GTEs
    • Growing the Polyglots leadership team

Global WordPress Translation Day 3 – call for organisers

  • Volunteers who would like to get involved with a potential next edition of WordPress Translation Day in 2017 can step forward.
  • Petya will post Call for organisers on the P2
  • International Translation Day is on September 30th ( it might be good day to fix for an annual translation day

WordPress Community summit Polyglots representatives

  • Final selection of people to be invited to the summit has been made (Read for details)
  • Polyglots team representatives who have been selected will receive a message from @petya by the end of this week

Plugins have switched to the new layout

  • A link to translation is now under the ‘Read more’ of the last paragraph ‘Contributors & Developers’ and is called ‘Translation Contributors’.
  • Being on the standard page, a link is displayed to localized version of the plugin if they exist directly under the header. e.g. ‘Deze plugin is ook beschikbaar in Nederlands (ook: Italiano, Français).’
  • Proposed changes to the current layout should be suggested on the meta trac.