“Local” rosetta news in dashboard?…

“Local” rosetta news in dashboard?
Hi friends,
Now as we start using the rosetta sites more actively for information about each locale, wouldn’t it be really interesting to have news from your locale’s WordPress world pop right into the admin dashboard for the people using WordPress in your language?
Technically, I could achieve this immediately by “translating” the feed URL of planet.wordpress.org into the newsfeed URL of my rosetta site.
But: First of all I’d like to check with the community how acceptable this would be.
Secondly: If we believe that it would be good to feed locale’s news into the dashboard, then it would be much nicer if we wouldn’t have to hi-jack the planet feed.
Thirdly: with three feeds (or even more, if you offer a couple of different feeds to choose from) perhaps there should be a couple of check boxes for end-user to choose what feeds he wants to see? If he doesn’t know a word English, then he might want to turn off both the official WordPress news and the planet altogether, for instance.

What’s your view on these questions?
I feel that if we could remind people who are actively using WordPress in Swedish about ways to participate and contribute (say with translations), that could mean a great upswing in community activity and probably more people to join meetups, etc.