WordCamp Europe Contributor Day

Leave a comment on this post if you’re attending the WCEU contributor day to help the polyglots team. Your post could be as short as:

Attending – nl_NL – Experienced

or if you’re less experienced

Attending – de_DE & nl_BE – Novice

Longer version
Besides the community summit (for which you can express your interest here), WCEU will also host a contributor day.

Last year WordCamp Europe had over 400 attendees of which over 40 were polyglots. And it’s proven itself to be a very useful day, continuing discussions from the community summit and onboarding a LOT of new translators.

Of course, we want to grow this number in 2017. And even more important is that we want to offer the right kind of activities for everyone. That’s why we’d like you to leave a comment on this post if you’re planning on attending the WCEU Contributor day to help out the polyglots team.

Having this information allows us to prepare the contributor day well, to make it a super fun and highly efficient experience.

We’d like to know:

  • that you’re attending the contributor day,
  • what language/languages you can translate to, and
  • if you think of yourself as a novice or experienced translator.

See you at the WCEU contributor day in Paris?