WordPress Community summit 2017 – representation and Polyglots topics

WordPress Community summit 2017 – representation and Polyglots topics

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, the community summit is a global gathering of contributors from all make.wordpress.org teams from all over the world for a few days of discussions and coworking on topics that are closely related to the future of WordPress.

This year’s community summit will be in Paris on June 13-14, before WordCamp Europe contributor day (June 15) and WordCamp Europe 2017 (June 16-17). The previous community summits were in the US – Philadelphia in 2015 and San Francisco in 2014. The first ever community summit was in 2012 in Tybee, GA.

Polyglots representatives and topics for the 2017 community summit

A couple of weeks ago the Community team posted about the 2017 community summit and requested all teams to step up with a couple of things:

  1. A list of topics/issues which are relevant for the progress of the team and the WordPress open source project as a whole, prioritizing topics or tasks which are sensitive enough to specifically require in-person discussion.
  2. A list of representatives to attend the Community Summit (not limit-determined, but please keep in mind that our venue capacity limit is of 190 attendees), with selections based on several factors, including: representation of a wide, diverse range of opinions (based on the agreed-upon topics selected by each team), diversity, inclusion, and activity of the contributors.
  3. One or two contributors who are willing to help with the organization of the event: posts, communication, travel assistance, finding sponsors, etc. The intention of this approach is to propose a more open and team-focused Community Summit with transparent participation from all active contributors and reps of each team. This way we can hopefully anticipate barriers and cross-team difficulties that might come up, and avoid them.


Every Locale manager/General Translation Editor who is interested in going to the community summit can step up and volunteer/nominate themselves. Don’t be shy to step up to represent the team – it doesn’t matter how involved you have been with meetings or discussions so far. If you have opinions and are willing to help with some of the topics listed below, you would be a great asset during the community summit.


After discussing things during weekly chats for a couple of weeks, this is the official post where you can nominate yourself or a fellow contributor to represent the team during the community summit and you can comment on the topics that we have singled out for the two day event:

Topics related to the Polyglots team working with the community team

  • Increase outreach (Rosetta sites outreach, jump starting and upgrading our locale sites to best fit the community)
  • Organise local contributor days

Topics related to the team working with the meta team

  • Improvement of translation and communication tools 2.0 (we’ve already got the first phase of this going with the O2s, GlotPress improvements, etc).
  • Cross locale PTEs implementation discussions and
    brainstorming ways of getting rid of the current bottleneck of improving plugin/theme translations

Polyglots Processes

  • New General Translation Editors onboarding/ Mentorship program
  • New translation contributors onboarding
  • Handbook review / updates

Polyglots Leadership team growth plan

  • We need more people representing different regions to get involved
  • A plan to attract and keep them
  • Grow the communication side of the polyglots leadership team
  • Grow the technical side of the leadership team

Volunteers to help organise the community summit

If you would like to help the organising team of the community summit, please put your name forward. Tasks expected from volunteers would include posts, communication, travel assistance, finding sponsors, etc. but at this point, we don’t know many details.

Please get involved with this as this is a chance for our team to single out the important issues we currently have and to brainstorm and find solutions for them. We need as many people as possible to give an opinion on topics and even if you can’t make it to the event, your position is valuable and will be taken into consideration.

Thank you!


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