Local WordPress.org sites content – let’s gather the data

For a while now we’ve been talking about something we call Rosetta outreach. As most of you know the WordPress Rosetta sites are the local sites for WordPress, associated with a specific locale. Example: es.wordpress.org (Spain), ro.wordpress.org (Romania), bg.wordpress.org (Bulgairia), etc. A full list of the WordPress Rosetta sites can be found on our Teams page.

Historically the people who took care of translations also took care of updating the content of the Rosetta site. But as translation work grows and local communities grow, the roles on a local team are now separated and we can have translation teams (who take care of localizing WordPress) and editorial teams (who publish important WordPress news on the local WordPress.org sites in their native language).

Since having an editorial team is new, but having local teams who organise meetups and WordCamps outside the localization efforts is not that new, the Rosetta outreach project aims to create a bridge between the translation community and the local community teams in order to provide more value to WordPress users all over the world in their own language.

Objective: provide more valuable localized content on local WordPress.org sites

To achieve that we’re focusing the initial efforts on three main things and we need the help of the existing teams for both:

  1. Gather data about the current status of local Rosetta sites
  2. Reach out to event organising local teams to invite them to join the local editorial teams.
  3. Figure out a way to attract people from outside both the polyglots and community teams to become local .org editors

What content should a complete Rosetta site have?

Each team can decide what content their local site should have, but after several discussions during weekly meetings this is what the team recommends:

  • Translated announcements for each WordPress release (the content of https://wordpress.org/news, but localised)
  • Updated showcase with fresh samples of good WordPress work in your language (be careful about the guidelines here, doing a call for showcase examples on a broader community level is your best approach here)
  • Event announcements – local meetup announcements, local WordCamp announcements, calls for speakers, sponsors, volunteers and what not for local events
  • Anything that you feel needs a local community discussion or is an important local topic related to WordPress

What do you can do to help?

  • If you are a Locale manager or a part of a local team, please fill out the data about your local Rosetta site in the “Data” tab of this spreadsheet
  • If the content of your local site is not regularly updated, you can reach out to event organisers in your country and talk to them about being editors in your local Rosetta site and publish content like:
    • WordCamp announcements
    • Meetup announcements
    • Create an events/meetups page
  • If you don’t translate and publish WordPress release announcements regularly, you can think about creating a page on the website that tells people how they can get involved with contributing content in your local language.
  • Volunteer for a regional outreach – you can help us reach out to local teams whose sites are a bit stuck and find contributors who would be willing to help update the content on their Rosetta sites.

Sound interesting? Leave your thoughts in the comments and let’s do this.



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