Request to become a local…

Request to become a local manager to edit RosettaRosetta The code name of the theme for the local WordPress sites (eg. is a “Rosetta” site). All locale specific WordPress sites are referred to as “Rosetta sites.” The name was inspired from the ancient Rosetta Stone, which contained more or less the same text in three different languages. Site!
I have been leading the effort to get WordPress translated into Urdu. So, far things look pretty good. We have three new Editors (Saqib, Bilal, Farhan) who are actively contributing, we have the Urdu Glossary and WP 4.7 CoreCore Core is the set of software required to run WordPress. The Core Development Team builds WordPress., as well as TwentySeventeen was 100% translated.

Sarah from WPT pointed out that our Rosetta site was not updated. I’d like to update it. To do that I’d like to request access by becoming a local manager. As far as the current local managers are concerned, all efforts I made to get in touch with them have gone in vain. Sometimes life gets in the way of things you want to do. Completely understandable. I have utmost respect for their work.

But since the translators community is now active in ( and there are no local managers to help them update the Rosetta Site, I’d like to be one.

Looking forward!
CC: @petya, @saqibameen