We’re in hard string freeze for 4.7 – Prepare your locales for the the release

Dear Polyglots,

The last strings for 4.7 (the about page strings) have been imported to the development project and that means no strings will change anymore before Tuesday, December 6th, the expected release date for WordPress 4.7.

That means there are two things for all GTEs to do now:

1. Translate the 4.7 project, Admin and Network admin

It’s time to head to translate.wordpress.org and finish translating the last batch of new strings.

Please don’t forget that in order to qualify for an automatic release, you need to have all strings in the following projects translated 100%:

There is also a new default theme that comes with 4.7 – Twenty Seventeen which can also use some of your time.

2. Prepare the SVN directory for your locale for automated packages

Handbook page for reference: Automated release packages

Does my locale qualify for automated release?

  • If all you have is a license, readme, and wp-config-sample.php (or no custom changes at all), everything will be automated for you if you follow the instructions above. Both language packs and release packages will automatically be created. If you are not at 100% at that time, then language packs and release packages will be created when you reach 100%. If you later modify a translation (to fix a typo, for example), your language pack and release package will be regenerated.
  • If you have extensive custom changes, you will need to manually create a package via Rosetta as you have done in the past.

On Slack, watch out for messages like this one:


Your locale is good to go if you see your locale in the “x release packages for y were built” message.

This is also a global ping for GTEs for locales that are currently at more than 50% and less than 100%.

4 locales are already at 100% – thank you!

Dev between 95% and 100% (15)

Dev between 90% and 95% (14)

Dev between 50% and 90% (51)

The release is due on Tuesday, which makes this a little bit of a short notice so thank you in advance to everyone who makes time to get their locale to 100%.

Happy translating <3



#hard-freeze, #wordpress-4-7