WordPress 4.7 is in soft string freeze

Hello everyone,

WordPress 4.7 RC1 was announced on Friday and with it, all the strings in this release with the exception of the About page strings are now effectively frozen. A soft string freeze means they won’t be changed and no new ones will be added before the release in the first week of December.

Translate the 4.7 project, Admin, Network admin, Continent & cities and Twenty Seventeen

If your Development project is not translated to 100%, this is a good time to take care of that. Head to translate.wordpress.org and translate:

20 locales are already at 100%, very well done! Here’s a ping for the GTEs of locales that are at more than 50% right now.

Dev between 95% and 100% (15)

Dev between 90% and 95% (14)

Dev between 50% and 90% (51)

Upcoming hard string freeze

According to the development schedule, hard strings freeze should come on November 29th (+1d) and the release is expected on December 6th (+1d). There will be another post here and a global ping when that happens.

Thank you all for your hard work!

#soft-string-freeze, #wordpress-4-7