I think the email notifications…

I think the email notifications for WordPress.com validators (GTEs) are really useful, because every time I receive one, I can’t help myself and validate at least some strings.
What do you think about implementing a similar functionality for GTE and PTE on translate.wordpress.org?

The mail goes like this:
Dear Peter Nemčok,

We’re contacting you because you are a validator on translate.wordpress.com for Slovak.

First, we wanted to say thanks: We served over 270,000 pages in Slovak this week, and you helped make all those experiences better. We really appreciate your contributions (and so do WordPress.com users!).

Second, there are currently 22 translations pending from other contributors, and we’d love your help validating some of them. Could you spare some time to take a look? Validating just a few of them is still a big help.
Please let us know if you don’t want to receive these e-mails any more or have any other feedback, and thanks again for helping us translate WordPress.com!