Agenda for the Polyglots meetings on October 5th

Hello world 🌏🌎🌍🌻

As @nao announced yesterday,  we’re reviving the Asia Pacific meetings on Wednesday, we’re reviving the Asia Pacific meetings on Wednesdays at 6am UTC. The original idea was great and we’re determined to do our best to involve all members of the Polyglots teamPolyglots Team Polyglots Team is a group of multilingual translators who work on translating plugins, themes, documentation, and front-facing marketing copy. in our discussions, no matter the timezone. It would be great to hear from people who haven’t been around much. It would be wonderful if the meetings stick this time and they will if there’s someone, ideally several people, willing to lead them. If you’d like to be one of those people, raise your hand.

The weekly meeting we have at 10am UTC will keep going without a change.

Now here’s the agenda for the meetings this week:

As usual, if anyone has anything new for the agenda, please comment below <3