GlotDict 1.1.5

Hey amazing Polyglots!

A new release will be available on your Firefox or Chrome in few hours with new features.

I got inspiration for new features from (the survey inside) so because the Italian Translation Weekend is near and the GWTD will be in November I chosen to release a new version.

New Features:

  • Add link to Consistency tool on terms (now the term with tooltip is a link, very easy to reconize)
  • On right click on that term the same is appended in the text in translation (superfast!)
  • Text for new installation to look on the readme (there are many hotkeys to discover!)
  • Improved Readme (well I want that people know the power of the extension)

For proposal of new features:
I hope in no bug but well in case they are new feature that wait to reported and fixed.

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