Notes from the Polyglots chat on September, 14th

Locale stats

62 (-2) locales up to date. 5 (+5) locales behind by minor versions. 8 (-2) locales behind by one major version. 20 (±0) locales behind more than one major version. 59 (-1) locales have a site but never released. 8 (±0) locales don’t have a site.

65 (+4) locales at 100%. 5 (-1) locales have more than 95%. 4 (-2) locales have more than 90%. 27 (-1) locales have more than 50%. 53 (±0) locales have less than 50%. 8 (±0) locales don’t have a WP project.

(Numbers in parentheses show the difference since last week.)

WordPress 4.6.1 was released last week, that’s why we have more locales are behind by one minor version. Persian (@gonahkar, @mani_monaj) and Moroccan Arabic (@sa3idho, @sidati) have no SVN tag for 4.6.1. Armenian, Czech, and Telugu require a manual build because their translations are below 100%. Additionally we have a few new locales in process.

Development updates

Deployment of language packs for themes and plugins now works faster. Instead of every 6 hours they are now generated 30 minutes after a change. More details can be found in the announcement at

Last week Cross-Locale PTEs was a topic in the #meta-i18n chat. Goals and required infrastructure changes were discussed.


  • Specific user accounts (cross-locale PTEs) are able to import and approve translations for specific projects for all locales.
  • A cross-locale PTE can import (or translate through UI) untranslated strings as current.
  • A cross-locale PTE can import (or translate through UI) translated (by the community) strings as waiting.
  • Translations by a cross-locale PTE can be overwritten by a regular PTE or a GTE.

If you are interested, you can follow the development at