WooCommerce de_CH

I wanted to take care of the WooCommerce de_CH translation. The informal translation currently is at 1%, the formal at 40%. Contributors from the last 8 months are @grapplerulrich, @webstooni, @braini87, @transl8or, @8am-1 and myself.

As with the core translation of de_CH I would suggest to not translate de_CH directly, but batch import from de_DE after making some minor modifications. de_DE is currently at 100% both informal and formal. For more information on how the batch import works, please refer to my GitHub repository at https://github.com/openstream/wordpress-de-ch.

This means that no one should suggest any translations in de_CH, but only in de_DE unless there’s a difference specific to Switzerland in the wording, grammar or any anything else. In the GitHub repo mentioned there’s a list of differences, so if you would like to add anything to that list, please create a pull request or if you’re not familiar with git, just comment on this post or create a GitHub issue, so that I can add it.

If you made it till the end, thanks for your attention 😉