Subtitles for the 4.6 Release Video

Dear polyglots,

The WordPress 4.6 release video is being finalised as we speak but the voice over is already available for translation, so let’s get this going and translate it to as many languages as we can. The 4.5 release video was subtitled into 31 languages but I know we can do better than that 🙂

Here are the instructions to subtitle the video:

1. Open the release video project on Amara

2. To add your language click “Add a new language”

3. Select your language. This will load the subtitle editor.

4. On the left side of the subtitle editor you’ll see the English subtitles. On the right side you can translate into your own language. Follow the instructions to add the subtitles and sync them.

5. Add the translations to your language, sync them and don’t forget to

6. Save and Publish the subtitles.

If your language’s language code is not supported by Amara, you can add the subtitle file here and we will try and add them manually to

Our jazz legend is male.

The deadline for translating the video is Monday, Aug 15th, midnight CET.

Thank you to everyone who’ll help us get the release video to more people around the world.



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