WordPress 4.6 soft string freeze – time to translate (almost) all the things!

Dear polyglots,

As of a few minutes ago, we’re in soft string freeze, which means all the strings for the upcoming WordPress 4.6 release with the exception of the strings from the About page, are frozen and won’t be changed.

The release is scheduled for August 16th, so we recommend that you use the time between now and the hard string freeze (expected on August 5th), to translate and test translation for everything that is included in the 4.6. development project.

Reminding everyone that for a locale to take advantage of the automatic release process all these projects – WordPress, WordPress Administration , WordPress Network administration and Continents & Cities need to be 100% translated.

Don’t miss Continents & cities, it’s not been updated with new strings in a while but now has several new ones!

This is a notification for General translation editors of all locales translated at more than 50% as you still have a chance to bring your locales closer to 100 before August 16th.

You will receive an additional notification once we are in hard freeze. Until then, thank you in advance for your work!

Let’s get 4.6 released with the largest number of 100% translated locales to date 😉

We have 11 locales already at 100% (well done!)

33 locales have more than 95%:

23 locales at more than 90% translated

29 locales translated more than 50%

Happy translating!


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