Hi Polyglot team I have a question about…

Hi Polyglot-team,

I have a question about the last WordPress emails I received, (not asking but) telling me to update the websites of my clients to WordPress 4.5.3. Many of these emails are being delivered in my clients inbox and so they were forwarded them to me. In my opinion the Dutch version telling “WordPress 4.5.3 is beschikbaar, graag bijwerken!” is the same way of talking as my former frustrated boss thinking that he owns me. I believe there is a much more suitable way to let your users know that they can update WordPress (if they want). It’s nice to let the user know but this way it looks as if the user is working for you and have to swallow your rudeness. “Je kan WordPress nu bijwerken” sounds in my opinion much more polite than Bijwerken graag!
At least it wouldn’t make my clients think that I’m talking rude to them.

Thank u kindly