Notes from the Polyglots chat on May 4th

Locale stats

Releases: 162 locales. 60 locales up to date. 1 locale behind by minor versions. 15 locales behind by one major version.16 locales behind more than one major version. 61 locales have a site but never released. 9 locales don᾿t have a site.

Next short term goal is getting to 75 locales up to date before 4.6

All 15 locales behind one major version are 85% + translated with the exception of Latvian.

hy 4.4.2 92% hy Team
Bengali বাংলা #bn_BD 4.4.2 97% bn Team
Cebuano Cebuano #ceb 4.4.2 94% ceb Team
Czech Čeština‎ #cs_CZ 4.4.2 78% cs Team
Hazaragi هزاره گی #haz 4.4.2 85% haz Team
Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia #id_ID 4.4.2 97% id Team
Latvian Latviešu valoda #lv 4.4.2 59% lv Team
Malay Bahasa Melayu #ms_MY 4.4.2 96% ms Team
Occitan Occitan #oci 4.4.2 99% oci Team
Persian فارسی #fa_IR 4.4.2 94% fa Team
Scottish Gaelic Gàidhlig #gd 4.4.2 85% gd Team
Slovenian Slovenščina #sl_SI 4.4.2 86% sl Team
South Azerbaijani گؤنئی آذربایجان #azb 4.4.2 87% azb Team
Tagalog Tagalog #tl 4.4.2 90% tl Team
Vietnamese Tiếng Việt #vi

Translations: 162 locales. 59 locales at 100%. 4 locales have more than 95%. 6 locales have more than 90%. 22 locales have more than 50%. 61 locales have less than 50%. 10 locales don᾿t have a WP project.

Locales translated more than 95%

Locale WP Locale Version GlotPress
Bengali বাংলা bn_BD 4.4.2 97% #bn Team
Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia id_ID 4.4.2 97% #id Team
Malay Bahasa Melayu ms_MY 4.4.2 96% #ms Team
Occitan Occitan oci 4.4.2 99% #oci Team

We started filling out data about locale status during the releases to get a history of how things progressed as far back as we can. To give a hand with filling out the data, please ask for access to the spreadsheet.

Tech update was enabled and works pretty good.

Dominik Schilling ocean90

Coming later this day: When a plugin releases a new version all translations will be copied from dev to stable.

Handbook task list

  • Add a page about how WordPress ships translations based on Nikolay & John’s video from GWTD

Let’s create a list of questions to add to the FAQ section of the handbook:

  • Add a Frequently asked questions page and include
    • How often are translations deployed for plugins (every six hours?)
    • How long does it take for new translations to get to users? (translations get pushed every 24 hours?)
    • How do translations for Rosetta sites appear on the site? (Automatically pushed every 24 hours, at 1pm UTC)
    • Why are my translations still ‘waiting’?
    • Why my translations were rejected? What can I do in that case?
    • I have translations in po/mo files, how can I import them in
    • How long does it take for a new plugin/theme to get added to
    • Why can’t I be a GTE for all languages for my plugin/theme?
    • I’m getting a lot of “502 Bad Gateway”. What can I do?
    • Other FAQs? Add them in the comments

Open discussion

  • Support Team mentioned that Codex will be retired and translations will get lost. We need to collect more information here.
  • Organizing WordCamp Europe, there is a chance @petya won’t be around at the weekly meetings for the next weeks. It is important to keep the meetings going. @chantalc, @deconf, @wolly, @tacoverdo, @pixolin and @coachbirgit will take care of organizing the meetings.

Thank you to everyone who participated! Please leave comments if you have anything else to add to the notes.



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