Global WordPress Translation Day live sessions schedule – draft 1

Hey everyone,

I prepared a first draft of the schedule for the GWTD live streaming based on the list of live sessions suggested in the Organising Spreadsheet.

You can see the schedule on the “Live Streaming Agenda tab (underlined red)

Confirmed speakers

@savione, @wolly, @nao, @coachbirgit, @pokeraitis, @tacoverdo, @luisrull, @fxbenard, @jordicuevas, @isaackeyet, @johnbillion, @garyj, @ocean90 could you please check if the designated slots are ok with you and if you need to switch or have a preferred spot that you haven’t indicated in the spreadsheet, please let me know and we can switch.

We have one slot left in the morning, at 05:00 UTC and considering the number of events in India (amazing!), it would be great if we could have 1 or 2 short training sessions for some of the Indian locales #hi_IN, #mr, #gu, #ml

@gounder @mbigul @gagan0123 @gyan Would any of you (or maybe more than one) like to take on the 05:00 UTC slot and maybe do a live streaming session for the locale you’re managing?

From the most downloaded languages currently we’re missing #ar, #ru, #pt_PT, #pt_BR, #zh_CN #zh_TW. There is still time if any of the GTEs would like to get involved – we have a slides template you can use.

Sessions on general L10n, i18n & Polyglots processes

I’ve included several sessions that are not training in the schedule:

  • Introduction to the WordPress Polyglots team – what we do, how we work, roles, processes (basically the first part of the general template with the roles and capabilities handbook page content featured) – Petya
  • Joan Boluda: On I18n – Plugin Documentation and Support for the Whole World (Video recording from WCEU 2015)
  • Plugin/Theme authors: How to get your plugin or theme on (needs a speaker, would you like to do it?)
  • Plugin/Theme Authors: How to find translators for your plugins and themes (needs a speaker, would you like to do it?)
  • Plugin/Theme Devs: Internationalisation for WordPress developers – the right way to prepare your themes and plugins for translation with John Blackbourn (John was kind enough to accept my invitation to do a live talk on the proper way to prepare your software for L10n)
  • Yoav Farhi: Localization – Beyond Translation (Video recording from WCEU 2015)
  • Automatic updates or how WordPress updates translations around releases (hopefully Dominik could do that one)
  • GlotPress as a Plugin – current state and project roadmap (again, I’m hoping Dominik will have time to pick that one)

Remaining time slots – let’s think about how to fill them

We currently have three remaining 1-hour time slots in the schedule – 5am UTC (I’m hoping one of the Indian L10n teams will take that one), 9pm UTC and 10pm UTC.

There are several things we can do with them:

  • Play sessions from earlier for people in the later time zones (John’s session, the introduction to the Polyglots team session, How to get translators session)
  • Switch one of the video recordings to the late slots and do a panel with several GTEs talking about how we manage our local translation teams and comparing best practices.
  • Do something else – ideas welcome!

You’re up!

Feedback on the schedule, suggestions, comments, questions are much needed! If you see the words “needs a speaker, would you like to do it?” next to a session title, you can pick it up! Please raise your hand. I might be able to do all those, but I don’t want to do them all, there are so many of you that have that knowledge!

Thank you all in avance for your amazing work so far for this event. We have more than 920 people signed up on the site to participate in the initiative. Let’s make it worth their while and show the world what a fantastic job we’re doing.



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